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With the release of her long-awaited debut and her first mega-hot sex scene, smokin’ hot Mia Khalifa (the Busty Girl Who Works At The Hamburger Joint and was discovered by SCOREstaffers) no longer works at the hamburger joint for cheapskates who didn’t recognize her talents and skills and covered her big boobs in an awful uniform. The SCORE staffers are happy but they will also miss Mia–paying someone else for their lunch just isn’t the same. “I wear a giant polo with a high collar, and I wear an apron over that and a doofy hat that looks like it should have a propeller on top,” Mia said in her video interview. “There’s no way anyone could tell what my body looks like. I wear jeans that are not flattering at all and work shoes.” Happenstance, fate, destiny, randomness–call it what you will. One day, a chance encounter occurred and that led to Mia becoming a SCORE Girl. In this video follow-up, Mia talks about one of her two favorite topics (sex and the Florida State Seminoles.) Today’s topic is sex–something she loves, possibly more than the Seminoles. The enthusiasm and excitement Mia has about fucking and sucking cock is off the scale. When Mia puts on her tits and pussy show after her chat, your desk will rise a few inches. We advise caution if watching this video on a tablet or phone in public.


The story of how Mia Khalifa (the now-legendary “Busty Girl Who Works At The Hamburger Joint”) was discovered is both heartwarming and junk-hardening. For months, SCORE staffers ate once a week at this bastion of buns and beef, fantasizing but never actually knowing what Mia’s body really looked like under her god-awful uniform. As Mia told SCORE editor Dave in an interview, “There’s a pet store across from the restaurant, and I went to get my dog some food. I have a little Maltipoo, and on my way out, I saw you in your car, and you rolled your window down and looked at me and said, ‘Do I know you?’ And I said, ‘I’m your cashier from the burger restaurant,’ and you basically said, ‘Oh. Okay. Have a great day.’ “I was wearing a very tight top that was backless and very thin and form-fitting and a high-waisted skirt that was also very form-fitting and came down almost like a schoolgirl skirt and black pumps.” “Then you guys came into the restaurant a couple of days later, and you told me to come to your table because you had something to ask me, and I couldn’t come that day because I was very busy and my manager would’ve yelled at me if I had left the cash register.” “So you came in again, and Gil was very slick. He said, ‘We want to ask you something, but we understand that you can’t really leave your register, so I’m going to give you this website, and you should go to it on your own time.’ So he wrote down Scoreland.com and handed to me, and I went to the bathroom to check it out, and as soon as I saw what it was, I thought, ‘This would be so cool.’ I was absolutely shocked, but when I saw SCORELAND, I thought maybe you worked for the strip club Score, and then I saw the website, and that was much better than a strip club. So I ran to your table and said, ‘Yes, I wanna do it! Please!'” Another girl might have thrown raw burgers in our faces or had the manager toss us bodily into the parking lot. But not Mia. Destiny, fate, happenstance, planetary alignment.

Date: June 19, 2018
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